I set up this site with intention to share with you the lovely luxury bags that all ladies out there should own with great discount from the local retail boutique such as Coach and Kate Spade.
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I love Coach for its Durabilty and Versality from everyday tote to luxurious glam bag.
I love Kate Spade for its for forever chic and fashion-making, bold statement lines and design.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Go Hands Free Crossbody Swingpack

Coach Signature Laura Secret Admirer Swingpack 46773 All SOLD

Coach Signature Sateen Swingpack 44744 in Black ALL SOLD

Coach Signature Sateen Swingpack 44744 in Beige last piece SGD 135

Coach Signature Sateen Swingpack 44747 in Metallic Charcoal SGD 135

Coach Signature Stripe Swingpack 45797 in Khaki/Red All SOLD

Coach Signature Pocket Swingpack 47199 in Khaki/Blush last piece SGD 158

Spring into Wallets

Kate Spade Harrison Street Lacey in Scarlet SGD 178

Kate Spade Foiled Again Lacey in Bronze SGD 150

Kate Spade Foiled Again Lacey in Bronze SGD 150

Kate Spade Pasedena Neda in Gazpacho Red SGD 178

Kate Spade Pasedena Stacy in Gazpacho Red SGD 145

Kate Spade Wellesley Stacy in Metallic Gold SGD 158

Kate Spade Wellesley Neda in Metallic Gold SOLD

Kate Spade Wellesley Neda in Blueberry Jam SOLD

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Take your Pick: Classy Leather or Classic?

Kate Spade Bexley Leather Stevie in Black/Brass last piece SGD 288

Kate Spade Bexley Leather Stevie in Ash/Brass All SOLD

Kate Spade Bexley Leather Lily in Coral/Brass SGD 278

Kate Spade Classic Noel Stevie in Black/White SOLD

Kate Spade Jubliee Bon Shopper in Flamingo Pink/Red SGD 199

Kate Spade Weave Small Coal in Black/Brass last piece SGD 218

Kate Spade Nylon Skipper in Black/Brass SOLD

Kate Spade Meribel Mini Mirra in Flamingo Pink SOLD

Kate Spade Deluxe Plush Bow Roselie in Red SOLD

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Never Miss the Nylon

Kate Spade Barrow Street Bon Shopper in Midnight ALL SOLD

Kate Spade Barrow Street Ima in Midnight ALL SOLD

Kate Spade Alpine Stevie in Black All SOLD

Kate Spade Alpine Stevie in Ash All SOLD

Kate Spade Snowmass Stevie in Bronze last piece at clearance SGD 185

Kate Spade Alpine Jan in Black All SOLD

Kate Spade Nyack Nylojn Baby Stevie in Nectar SOLD